Mold Toxicity Is You Environment Making You Sick What You Can Do About It -

is toxic mold exposure the cause of your symptoms - is toxic mold exposure the cause of your symptoms are you one of the many people unknowingly living or working in water damaged building did you know it may be dramatically affecting your health it s estimated that indoor air pollutants including mold and mycotoxins may be contributing to more than 50 of our patient s illnesses, surviving toxic mold mold exposure mold illness mold - test the environment to make sure you are dealing with toxic mold here are some companies that test for mold not all molds are toxic and not all molds that may be toxic are toxic to all people it is important to know what you are dealing with before trying to move forward or touching it do not clean mold, 5 things you should know about toxic mold illness - if you do then you know is the mold and you will do anything including sleeping in your car or a tent to allow your body some reprieve so it can begin to heal until you can find a place with minimal or no mold at all i pray god gives you the strength the means attend wisdom to begin a journey of healing and rest, mold toxins making you fatigued sick - but in what s commonly referred to as mold toxicity syndrome about one in four people carry these hla genes hla means it s on chromosome 6 and it has to do with the part of the immune, the indoor microbiome and toxic mold is your house making - as you can see from the quote above the list of toxic compounds in modern buildings that can make you sick extend far beyond those produced by microorganisms that said an overgrowth of toxic mold and or other microorganisms may be especially problematic, is your office making you sick rtk environmental group - mold which can either be toxic or an allergen thrives in damp environments and spreads easily mold is typically found in basements bathrooms kitchens attics and other areas of buildings that may be susceptible to high humidity levels mold infestations can be caused by pipe breaks water leaks roof leaks and other water intrusions, mold symptoms exposure is mold making you sick - mold symptoms exposure is mold making you sick if you are reading this chances are you or someone you care about is having health issues that you suspect are related to mold exposure some individuals are extremely sensitive to mold while others in the same environment are completely unaffected this makes it difficult to make the case that a moldy environment actually causes illness, are mold mycotoxins making you sick rawlsmd - if you suspect that mold may be lurking in your home and making you sick follow the steps above to identify and eradicate the problem mold and related side effects are a pervasive problem but it s not something you have to live with, mold illness diagnosis what happens in the body - what is mold illness better yet do people get sick after being exposed to water damaged buildings we invite you to view this hour and a half talk given by dr shoemaker to a group of physicians in november of 2011 wdb there are many ways buildings become home to a toxic mix of microbes and harmful chemicals buildings can host, what are the signs of mold sickness livestrong com - mold can also irritate the eyes nose throat skin and lungs even in people who do not have allergies inhaling particles from large mold growth such as compost piles moldy mounds of hay or from a water damaged home can lead to additional symptoms which include skin rash shortness of breath and fever, how to identify hidden mold toxicity and what to do about - getting rid of toxic mold can be dangerous if you do it yourself i highly recommend finding a remediation company that will safely remove the mold for you state laws vary so much on requirements for inspectors and remediation companies