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amazon com alternative investments caia level i wiley - the official caia level 1 curriculum book alternative investments caia level i 3rd edition is the curriculum book for the chartered alternative investment analyst caia level i professional examination covering the fundamentals of the alternative investment space this book helps you build a foundation in alternative investment markets, leverage ratios for finance lease analystforum - page 267 on schweser note for the explanation of the effect of finance lease on leverage ratios states that most importantly leverage ratios such as debt to asset ratios and debt to equity ratio will be higher with finance leases than operating leases, calculating after tax operating cash flow analystforum - question 31 mock exam morning session asks us to calculate the after tax operating cash flow the answer states to multiply operating income by 1 tax rate plus depreciation, cfa exemptions and waivers you gain after passing level 1 - there is no exemptions for cfa exam as far as i know once you start on your cfa journey and pass the level 1 exam you start to enjoy the various waivers that you can get from other professional exams and certification, best accounting certification cpa cfa cma cia and more - we ve got a bowl of alphabet soup when it comes to finance and accounting certifications cpa cfa cma cia caia frm cfp etc if you re pursuing or maintaining a career in accounting you d benefit from getting an accounting certification