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amazon com evil and the mask 9781616953706 fuminori - praise for evil and the mask karma runs thicker than blood in evil and the mask the thought provoking and unpredictable new novel by the japanese zen noir master fuminori nakamura wall street journal evil and the mask is a brilliant novel from one of japan s most current authors if you love patricia highsmith you ll love nakamura, amazon com the thief 9781616952020 fuminori nakamura - fuminori nakamura was born in 1977 and graduated from fukushima university in 2000 he has won numerous prizes for his writing including the oe prize japan s largest literary award and the prestigious akutagawa prize the thief, amazon s 100 mysteries to read business insider - amazon editors debuted a new list of the 100 mysteries and thrillers that everyone should read in their lifetime based on reader selections and ratings at goodreads from well known authors like, the space giants series guide scifi japan - though the name the space giants may be unfamiliar to anyone under age 35 for a decade or so beginning in the early 1970s this 52 episode japanese science fiction series was a popular fixture on syndicated television in the united states, the edgar awards 2019 submissions mystery writers of - see submission guidelines here see category guidelines here this list includes all submissions received by the mwa national office as of october 26 2018 appearance of your work on this list does not mean you have been nominated for an edgar award it only means your work has been submitted for consideration